You’re about to be introduced to your new favorite dog breed

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Did you know the Bear-Coat Shar-Pei is an actual thing? You’re about to fall head-over-heels for this adorable dog breed! Just look at the little bear-pups below:

1) What do you think about the Bear-Coat Shar-Pei?

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2) Just look at that napping face!

3) This one has a silver coat. Adorable!

4) Those eyebrows… oh my!

5) They can easily be mistaken for a fluffy rug

6) Look at that little tongue!

7) This is NOT a bear cub, it’s a puppy.

8) They even make bath time extra adorable.

9) The head-to-body ratio is unlike any other dog…

10) But they love PetSmart as much as any!



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