PetSmart Groomer Who Was Charged With Animal Cruelty After Dog Died Horribly

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Henry was a Dachshund who did not receive the chance to enjoy a healthy and vibrant existence because of the actions of a dog groomer who decided to turn a routine nail trim into a harrowing and fatal experience. He was taken to PetSmart by his owner because his usual groomer was not available that day.

Just a few moments later, Henry was carried out of the groomer’s office while bleeding from the mouth. The innocent creature was struggling to breathe and PetSmart’s on site vet did not have a chance to save him in time.

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Tests showed that Henry had definitely been physically harmed by the groomer and an X-ray of the deceased pet’s body showed a punctured lung and two fractured ribs. Juan Zarate, the man believed to be responsible for these reprehensible behaviors, was arrested by San Meteo police and booked due to animal cruelty suspicion.

The police issued a statement and spoke of the importance involved in making sure that animals were given the chance to receive the proper justice that they deserve, since none of them are actually able to speak up on their own behalf and testify against their abusers.

Can you believe that a jury actually acquitted Juan of all wrongdoing, even after hearing the evidence against him? We cannot fathom their callousness and have no idea what evidence they could have possibly been looking at. An expert animal doctor said that this was no accident, but that was not good enough for the jury.

Henry’s owners have decided to take this matter one step further and are filing a lawsuit against PetSmart. Their goal is to change the system, so that no other dog is ever forced to suffer the same fate as Henry. We wish them the best of luck and urge you to pass this story along to spread awareness!



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