Cat Sees Another Cat Bullying His Doggy Friend And Has Hilarious Reaction…

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Anyone that says that cats and dogs can’t get along and be friends is just plain wrong. As a matter of fact, cats and dogs are quite often the best of friends. Take for example the cat and dog in the video below. These guys are the very best of friends. They are extremely close and love one another a lot.

Regrettably, there’s a second cat in the video who’s giving it his best shot to proliferate the stereotype that cats and dogs hate each other with every fiber of their beings. He makes his way over to the dog and get’s right in his face, and even though the doggie is a lot bigger, he just doesn’t seem to know what to do about the situation.

Fortunately, his cat buddy does. She rushes onto the scene and gives that mean cat a piece of her mind, or, actually, in this instance it’s more like a piece of her iron-fisted paw! LOL!

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