16-Year-Old Flamingo Succumbs To Injury After A Group Of Boys Attacked And Kicked Him

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The parents of the boys responsible for killing one flamingo at a zoo in Czechoslovakia should be punished. The three boys ranged in age from five to eight! They are too young to be this violent and out of control. The boys attacked the birds at the Jihlava Zoo. They threw rocks and kicked the birds.

The zoo is planning to ask the boys’ parents to pay for the losses they have suffered. Where the parents were during the attack is unknown. After the incident, the boys all ran into a nearby forest. The police were able to track them down because one boy was wearing a distinctive jacket.

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Take a look at this poor bird Parents need to be held accountable for the actions of their children – how do children get to be this destructive? Bad or absent parents. We need to raise our children to be better than this.

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