Grandma Wanted To See Her Dog In The Hospital, So Granddaughter Sneaks Her In Dressed Like Baby

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As anyone who truly loves their grandparents can tell you, there is no greater blessing than maintaining a solid relationship with them as they continue to grow older. They have the knowledge and wisdom that can only be gained from life experience and their stories offer a great deal of insight.

Even if our grandparents are able to live long and successful lives, it is tough to overcome their loss and for those who have been forced to experience the trauma of watching their grandparents go through health related issues, this is a wound that takes a long time to heal.

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When Shelby’s grandmother Dona had an adverse reaction to her medication and landed in the hospital, she came up with a brilliant idea to cheer up the woman that had meant so much to her. Patsy is Dona’s trusty dog and when Dona ended up in the hospital, they were forced to spend several days apart.

While the idea of bringing Patsy into the hospital to visit Dona might seem simple enough, the hospital that she was in did not allow dogs to visit their patients. This left Shelby in quite a bind and she came up with a great workaround that will have you rolling in the aisles.

Shelby wrapped up Patsy like a baby and carried her in under a blanket. The hospital staff thought that she was holding a child and did not bother to inspect her any further. Patsy also sensed the ruse and did not make any noise that arouse further suspicion.

Thanks to Shelby’s quick thinking, she was able to facilitate a reunion between her grandmother and her beloved pooch. We are not sure if we would have had the guts to pull off such a stunt, but we are glad that Shelby was able to provide the woman who had given her so much with the pick me up that she needed during the moment when she needed it most!



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