If You Think You Know What This Creature Is… You’re Probably Wrong. I Can’t Believe They Exist!

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Just north of Asheville, North Carolina, snuggled in the Appalachian Mountains, is the home of a family of the most surprisingly cuddly creatures on Earth.Calling Happy Hens and Highlands Farm home, these adorable bundles of fluff might not immediately strike you as your typical cute animal… but once you see some of these darling beauties up close, you’ll be completely smitten!Happy Hens And Highlands own a number of these creatures, and they’re each as adorable as the last.

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But while they look like a strange new species, they’re actually quite familiar.

They’re cows — Scottish highland cows, to be exact.

These aren’t your average pets, but they’re just as cute!

The farm’s animals all live outside in big fields and get to enjoy the nature around them.

Their humans, Adam and Emily Hopson, own 22 of these cuties and have loved every minute of their time raising them.

They especially like taking them for walks!

These two are named Ranger and Rolo.

Source: theriflebird.com


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