Kindhearted Vet Sends Hilarious Pre-Surgery Picture To Kitten’s Human

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Whenever our pets go to the vet for a procedure–even a routine one–it’s always a little nerve-wracking. But one doctor had a clever way to remind this kitten’s human that everything was going to be just fine…while getting a good laugh.
Reddit user meesemaus posted a hilariously adorable picture of his little black kitten wearing a human-sized surgical cap.

“Vet sent us this picture of our kitten before he got neutered,” he captioned.

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“Looks like a high school lunch lady,” commented redditor Bar_soap_of_Sisyphus.
Meesemaus wrote a follow-up to his social media followers, stating that the kitten’s surgery was a success.

“Update: came home (without his stylish head gear, sorry guys) safe and sound. He’s hamming it up right now and getting all the cuddles in while purring like a motor. Most importantly he is safe and loved,” he wrote.



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