Investigators in tears as victims of dog cruelty case rescued in horror house

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Investigators were reduced to tears in a dog cruelty case on Tuesday and had to return to their vehicles to regain their composure, as they removed dogs from one of the worst cases of animal abuse and neglect they had ever witnessed. In an ongoing investigation in middle Georgia, Rescue Dogs Rock NYC were asked to take two of the dogs – victims of a prolonged period of starvation. On Tuesday morning, two emaciated dogs who had been lying chained in the hot sun, with no food or water were to be released: “They were finally able to be released despite an ongoing investigation, and we were taking Peaches and another in similar condition – Sasha,” Jackie told Pet Rescue Report. “Sadly, we received word this morning that Sasha passed away over night. There are really no adequate words at times like this. We are sad, sickened, too angry for words and heartbroken. This did not need to happen. This is sadistic torture. These dogs were denied food and trapped outside on chains. They were prisoners; dying a slow and agonizing death day by day, hour by hour, minute by minute.”

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