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Losing a home is a hard thing for everyone. It’s never an easy thing. And this family got to witness first hand just how hard it was when they had to give up their 4 week old kitten along with his mom, Goldie.

They could no longer take care of them, so they took them to the shelter, Purrfect Pals, where they looked after them. They poor kitties were confused, not to mention completely terrified. The momma cat ended up being so scared, that all she did was hide the whole time.

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When cats are scared, they can react in numerous ways. But these cats decided it would be best to hide, and not eat. They seemed to be starving themselves, and it began to concern the shelter.
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They could tell that they needed to find them foster homes, because it was clear that these kitties needed a place where they could feel safe.

Before they knew it, a young woman stepped up, and took them into her home. And it wasn’t long until both of the kitties began to come out of their shell, and finally become themselves, especially the little kitten Butterscotch.

“Butterscotch is the perfect example of how regarding being a foster parent is; a win-win situation. We help to raise them; feed them, clean them, play with them and love them,” said the shelter.

Now, little Butterscotch loves playing in his foster mom’s hoodie, and just loves exploring and having fun. He is quite the curious kitty.

He went from being a terrified kitten to being one of the most loving and happiest kitties in the world.

We are so unbelievably proud of the work that has been done to make these two kitties comfortable, and we are so thankful they have such a wonderful foster home to live in. We wish them the best with finding their forever homes!

source: gladwire.com


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