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Dogs are capable of many different things. Some are good at just being a best friend, others are good at dealing with people who have PTSD. But then you have the select few, who can sniff out a bomb from miles away, like Cena.

Cena had been a bomb-sniffer for the Marines since he was a little pup up until he retired in 2014. He had always stayed by his partner, Lance Cpl. Jeff DeYoung’s side, even after his retirement, when Cena became his service dog to help DeYoung deal with his PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder).

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According to DeYoung, Cena had even saved hundreds of Marines in combat while they were located in Afghanistan. Cena did his job well, and loved saving everyone, including his partner DeYoung

But it was recently that Cena, the beautiful black lab, was diagnosed with terminal bone cancer. He still had some time left, but not much. And the time he did have, he would most likely be in constant pain.

So DeYoung made the hardest decision of his life, and decided that it was time to put Cena, his best friend, down. But his little send off was better than imagined.

A local business ended up making a set of custom dress blues for Cena, which is exactly what he wore before the vet put him down on Wednesday evening.

“Every Marine has to go out in a set of dress blues. That’s just the way we are. He’s got his ribbons, he’s gothic decorations, he’s dressed to the nines. He got a fresh grooming service today and we are ready to make peace with what we have to do,” said DeYoung.

Several jeeps and motorcycles accompanied Cena during his ride to the vet. And even Cena’s jeep said, “Cancer Response Team.” But they were surprised by the turnout.

“It’s overwhelming. Of course, veterans always know you have to be early everywhere, but at the same time the amount of veterans and the amount of family that have showed up, it’s remarkable to say the least,” said DeYoung.

They made sure that Cena and DeYoung were not alone during this hard time. They provided the comfort and care that the two needed, and that was more than they ever expected.

And in his final moments, little Cena and Corporal DeYoung got to take one final walk together, and Cena got one final salute.“Rest In Peace brother. I hope to meet you upstairs if I make it. Love you bud. Mans best friend.” DeYoung posted on the GoFundMe page that was set up for him and Cena.

We are so thankful that Cena was given the proper sendoff. This little hero did amazing things for his country, and we couldn’t be prouder of him.

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