She took it out of the pantry and sprayed it on her sunburn. The next day? Incredible

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The spring and summer seasons bring lots of sunshine, which means more time outdoors, and more sunburns. While wearing sunscreen to prevent sunburn should be your first choice, it’s easy to forget to apply or reapply it when you’re having fun. If sunscreen slipped your mind and now you’re left with a painful burn, you don’t have to live in misery for days. Check out a few of these simple, natural remedies for a sunburn:
Potato Pulp
Head to the kitchen and grab a potato. Grate the potato and squeeze the grated potato to remove the juices. Set the juice aside. Grind the potato to a paste and apply it to your skin. After a few minutes, wash the potato off and massage the potato juice into your skin. Do this once or twice a day until the sunburn disappears, according to Search Home Remedy.

Cornstarch/baking soda paste
Try this natural remedy recommended by Everyday Roots. Combine your cornstarch or baking soda with water until you get a paste. Apply this all over your burned area and leave it on until the pain has subsided. Rinse.

Relieve some of redness and pain from your sunburn with green tea and mint. Cook the tea per usual, adding fresh mint leaves to the water as the tea soaks. Cover and let set for at least an hour. Strain, chill and apply the tea to your skin using cotton pads, Everyday Roots suggests.

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