His Horse Got Away From Him, But It’s What He Decides To Do Next That Has People Outraged.

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86-year-old Culver Modisette decided to teach his horse a lesson after it got away from him. The Connecticut man tied the horse to the back of his vehicle and then slammed on the accelerator to force the horse to gallop. Connecticut state cops launched an investigation into the elderly man after he was caught red handed dragging his horse behind his truck Sunday until she dropped. Although Modisette told CBS 3 that he did not mean to hurt the horse Annie, who is a purebred Arabian horse, he wanted to punish her after she escaped to go romance other horses on his neighbor’s property. After a lengthy investigation, Modisette was not charged with a crime despite the photographic evidence against him.“I was just trying to get her down in her stable for her breakfast and apples and so forth,” Modisette told the station. “No malicious intent.”

Because the mare was disobeying Modisette’s commands, he grabbed his rope and tied it around the horse’s throat.

Neighbor Helen Kelley watched it all happen. She saw when the Connecticut man tied the horse to the back of his pickup truck. She started snapping photos to prove the abuse to the proper authorities. She watched as Modisette stomped on the accelerator and forced the horse to fall over.

“I started screaming to him, ‘Stop, you’re killing your horse, cut the rope!’” she said.

Relenting, Modisette cut the rope. But he denied dragged the mare until she fell. He claims that she was fine and was able to walk back to her stable.

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