Broken Jaw Turned Into A Cute Smile: A Cat Rescued

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A cat called Duchess got hit by a car and broke her jaw, last year. Not only that, there were other complications as well. It was brought to Adobe Animal Hospital at Texas and the doctors there decided to perform a surgery in order to bring Duchess’s jaw back to its normal state.

Crystal Tate, the owner of the cat, believes that it was a miracle that Dr. Meyer took a chance when all other hospitals and doctors had refused to be able to do anything about Duchess’s jaw. She further informed that the cat had been in recovery for over a month and chances of survival were little but Duchess turned out to be stronger than that and went back home with Crystal after spending only a week after her surgery.

Duchess has finally gotten better and her family lover her. But she still needs help and Crystal is accepting donations for any future treatments that Duchess may require. Don’t forget to visit her GoFundMe page below.

More info: Facebook | GoFundMe

Most of the hospitals simply refused to provide any services instead decided on euthinizing her because she had a broken jaw along with other injuries

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But 2 vets from Adobe Animal Hospital decided on taking a chance and carrying out the surgery

Her chances of survival were slim, and Duchess had to have all her teeth removed

Luckily, everything went purrfect and Duchess got a beautiful smile!
The best part? After seeing this smile, Crystal Tate decided to adopt her straight from the clinic!



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