Guy Couldn’t Find A Date For Prom So He Took His Cat Instead

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Finding a date for Prom can often be a stressful experience for many. Just ask Sam Steingard. With the big date drawing ever so close, this 18-year-old singleton from The States still hadn’t found a girl to take. So instead of going to the prom alone or refusing to go at all, he did what any rational and sound-minded person would do in such a situation. He took along Ruby, his cat.

Ok, so he didn’t take his cat to the actual dance part (as it might have been too stressful for her), however, he did at least pose for some prom photos with her. Sam’s sister Caroline brought the picture to the world’s attention by posting the image of the happy couple on Imgur (I’m sure Sam appreciated that!) and Sam and Ruby have since become very unlikely internet superstars. They may not have gone to prom together but they still make a pretty cute couple!

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