The Man Who Secretly Arranges Formal Dinners With His Cats Every Time His Wife’s Out Of Town

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Known as ‘greatcanine‘ online, this man has been married to his wife for above 30 years, and has been keeping a secret from her ever since. Whenever she goes out of town on vacations, and he’s alone at home, he spends quality time with his cats. He plans formal dinners with his cats, where he wears a proper suit with a bow-tie, just like anybody would dress up for a formal dinner. The cutlery and plates are set up on the dining table in a fine manner, too.

He posted a picture, recently, of his three cats and himself, sitting in the dining room having their fancy dinner. The caption makes her wife’s absence obvioussays:“It’s girls week at the beach with her old high school friends. No way I want to be part of that… Six days into her vacation I joked ‘I’m going to have a formal dinner with the cats.’ Then I thought about it for a while…”

The first picture was taken in 2012, and he posted it again because his wife was away, along with a new photo.

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