Blind And Stray Cocker Spaniel Gets Surgery, Now Watch Her Reaction When She Sees Them

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This cocker spaniel was once a blind stray and thanks to the efforts of some special owners, the animal has finally been given the gift of sight. She received the surgery that she needed in order to correct her faulty vision and Olive is ever so grateful for their assistance. Her human is named Holly and when the surgery was complete, she decided to share an awesome video of the experience.

Olive had not been able to see in at least three years and so Holly and Bart (her husband) did not know exactly what to expect when this incredible moment took place. The dog who was once a mere stray and reduced to roaming the streets of Los Angeles was now a beloved family member who had no shortage of people in her life who cared deeply about her well being.

It took the family some time to raise the necessary monies for her surgery and while they wanted to remove the cataracts from her eyes as quickly as possible, they needed donations from their friends and family members in order to make this dream into a reality. West Coast Cocker Rescue also provided the family with some of the assistance that they needed.

Olive’s first moment of eyesight is one to behold. Once she rounds the corner at the vet clinic where the surgery took place, she sees her owners clearly for the first time and her eyes immediately lock onto them. Her tail starts to wag and while she is clearly overwhelmed by the gravity of the moment, she never loses sight (pun intended) of the people that mean the most to her.

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