This Elephant Trampled The Same Big Game Hunter Who Tried To Kill Them

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For those who do not believe in karma, this story is a prime example of just how fast chickens can come to roost. One man who was searching for big game to kill recently met his maker after being trampled by the same elephant that he was on the verge of shooting. While the man who was killed (a man named Jose Monzalvez) had a permit to hunt the elephants, these endangered species need all the protection that they can get.

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Jose was with a small group of big game hunters and when the elephant became aware of their presence, the animal was enraged and charged at them. The elephant was eventually taken down by the rest of the group, as they found a different place to shoot from once Jose had been trampled. This story is sad all around and makes us wish that people like these would find literally any other hobby to pursue.

Animals deserve the chance to exist in the wild without having to dodge bullets from big game hunters. Permits should no longer be issued for these types of pursuits and Jose is not the first hunter to die at the hands of an angry elephant this year. Another hunter with a high level of notoriety was crushed by an elephant in Zimbabwe after disturbing a group of pregnant elephants.

Theunis Botha is the other hunter who passed away and while he was able to get off a shot, the elephant lifted him off the ground by using its trunk. One of the other hunters fired the shot that took down the elephant, but when the animal fell, Botha was crushed beneath it and perished instantly.

African elephants such as these have now been listed as being vulnerable and because they are hunted in such a cavalier manner, their population has dwindled in an alarming manner. A century ago, there were millions of African elephants roaming the earth. Their population numbered anywhere from three million to five million and there are now less than half a million African elephants currently residing in the region.

Please share this story to spread awareness about the plight of these elephants and the dangers of big game hunting. No human deserves to die in such a manner and this why the practice needs to be abolished altogether. The continued safety of both species remains at risk as long as big game hunting permits are still issued.



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